Lego 72005 Aaron's X-bow

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Launch an attack on VanByter No. 307 and the CyberByter with Lego Nexo Knights 72005 Aaron’s X-bow, featuring rotating blades, crossbow and dual flick...

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Specifications Lego 72005 Aaron's X-bow


Modelnumber 72005
SKU number 6210317
Age 8-14
VIP Points 49


Theme Nexo Knights
Total minifigures 3
Pieces 569
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Launch an attack on VanByter No. 307 and the CyberByter with Lego Nexo Knights 72005 Aaron’s X-bow, featuring rotating blades, crossbow and dual flick missiles. Use the X-bow’s dropship function to release Robin’s Knight Raider featuring dual stud shooters, and then rescue him from the battlefield for a speedy escape. This fun toy for kids includes 3 minifigures, a CyberByter figure and 3 scannable shields.


  • Includes 3 minifigures: Aaron, Robin and VanByter No. 307, plus a CyberByter figure.
  • Aarons X-bow features a dropship function, dual rotating blades, minifigure cockpit, dual flick missiles and a shield holder.
  • Robin’s Knight Raider features dual stud shooters and a shield holder.
  • Critter Flyer features 2 movable wings and dual critter shooters.
  • Place Aarons X-bow on Robins Knight Raider and press the tail button to activate the dropship function.
  • Weapons include Aarons crossbow, Robin’s hammer, the CyberByter’s infection-spreading crossbow shooter and a spear.
  • Place the Merlok Power in the shield holder to upgrade your knight or vehicle in the battle against the bad guys!
  • Download the free Lego Nexo Knights: MERLOK 2.0 app to your smartphone or tablet. Ask your parents before going online.
  • Scan shields for the Nexo Powers Manic Pumpkin and Goose Bumps, and Merlok Power The Hammer of Merlok, and power up in the Lego Nexo Knights game!
  • 7 Merlok Powers to collect to stop Monstrox and his army from spreading their digital infection across Knighton.
  • Aaron’s X-bow measures over 3 inches - 9 centimeters high, 12 inches - 33 centimeters long and 16 inches - 41 centimeters wide.
  • Robin’s Knight Raider measures over 1 inches - 5 centimeters high, 5 inches - 15 centimeters long and 1 inches - 5 centimeters wide.
  • Critter Flyer with minifigure measures over 1 inches - 5 centimeters high, 1 inches - 3 centimeters long and 3 inches - 10 centimeters wide.

Lego 72005 Aaron's X-bow has a total of 569 bricks and 3 minifigures.

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